The Importance Of Secure Cloud Storage (And What You May Not Know About The Major Providers)



Your cloud storage solution may not be as secure as you think it is. The truth is that businesses give away their information without even realising it. High-profile names, like Dropbox and Google, put a clause in their terms of service (TOS) that grants them access to your stored files.

Others Can Access Your Stored Information

Here are a few ways you may unintentionally share your information using the following popular platforms:

Google Drive: You agree to monetise your data through advertising. Google’s TOS states that its automated systems can access your files. While information received isn’t specific, it makes you wonder what other vulnerabilities exist.

Dropbox: Dropbox’s TOS grants third-parties and employees file access to view and share. This assertion is pretty explicit, so be wary if you need total data sheltering.

Microsoft OneDrive: OneDrive allows MS employees to review server-side materials stored on their platform. It also states that they are only looking for TOS compliance issues. So, again, your files aren’t even secure with Microsoft.

Have you noticed a running theme among all of these providers? I know I sure did. Your data and information are not truly secure. If employees and third-parties have access to your files, then it’s not private, or ‘for your eyes only.’

Loopholes That Create the Setting for Abuse of Information and Technology

Now, it’s highly unlikely that someone is digging through your files undetected on their internal network, but is that a safe guarantee? Absolutely not. If you store intellectual or proprietary information, it’s highly unlikely you will ever feel totally secure under the above-described circumstances.

I can’t speak for you, but I will never feel comfortable leaving my big idea dangling in the IoT for anyone to see.

Consider this: lawmakers impose data storing regulations upon specific industries. Areas such as healthcare, law, and entertain are at particular risk for abusing sensitive information. Without proper storage solutions, you may not actually be compliant.

Privacy Is Everything When Choosing Cloud Storage

At this point, you might wonder where you can turn. After all, the big names aren’t even all that secure. So, that must be it, right?

Not even close. The product name for which you are looking is known as a zero-knowledge cloud storage vault. This ultra-secure offering is what we bring to our clients at Zebu.

What Is A Zero-Knowledge Cloud Storage Vault?

A zero-knowledge cloud storage vault is precisely as it sounds: no one has any knowledge of what you store on your account. Not even our employees, or the original programmer, can by-pass the platform’s security mechanisms.

Zebu file encryption is so deep that it would take trillions of years to even crack a single file on the Zebu system. If you are looking for total discretion and security-compliance, then a zero-knowledge cloud storage solution is right for you. It’s a surefire bet that your information and data remains protected.

And It Doesn’t Just Stop at File Storage

In addition to cloud storage, you may want to consider encrypting your internal messenger and scheduling since sensitive information passes through these channels as well. Zebu has got you covered there with our full-stack yet lite platform.

Take Zebu for a test drive today.

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