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While each of us certainly hopes that coronavirus won't become a major health event in their part of the world, the reality is that businesses are considering every contingency plan with a focus towards avoiding serious interruption of their operations and revenue. As the world braces for the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are looking to protect the health of their employees by taking steps to support their staff working from home. Therefore, leading to a surge in demand for collaboration tools. The prospect of cancelled events and the need to keep workers productive is pushing companies to revisit collaboration tools and work from home policies.

Business collaboration is becoming more and more common, many think of it as a next best thing to being in person. It is true that offices environments have unique qualities: you can discuss ideas, there’s more of a chance for casual interactions, and you can understand how others are thinking and feeling. Because of these, we think of face-to-face time as necessary for high-stakes conversations, complex topics or for building work relationships.

Remote working, or the practice of working for an extended period outside the formal office, is growing increasingly in popularity, enabled by a whole host of digital tools of practically every description, from video conferencing and e-mail, to mobile collaboration applications, and virtual event platforms. Businesses today revolve around teamwork using shared knowledge assets including documents, files, reports, spreadsheets, and calendars. Such assets are created and used with applications that include the usual office productivity suites like Office365, local content/document management systems, corporate VPN’s, HR systems, CRM, ERP, and countless other systems.

But are these solutions secure especially for remote workers at home? Due to its inherently isolating nature, remote work relies much more on digital communications. Remote work itself can be quite challenging for people who are either not used to it or where it's not a good personal fit. Thus, it's usually well worth the extra effort to make remote work simpler and more engaging for employees. With coronavirus likely to push people not inclined to work remotely to do so, it's advisable to consider several outside the box solutions that make remote collaboration feel more like the office.

This is where Zebu comes in. Users have complete access to shared files, internally communicate without the use of email, and follow your scheduled meetings as planned. Using Zebu’s solution effectively allows all businesses to communicate safely and securely. By installing Zebu, companies that handle sensitive information such as medical, personal, or even financial records have access to a 3 in 1 encrypted solution for messaging, calendar, and cloud storage. All your messages, scheduled events, and files are encrypted with 256-bit AES before they leave your device and are decrypted only when they reach their recipients. Zebu’s zero knowledge encryption also gives any business an extra layer of privacy. Knowing that your data and client information is safe and protected against any cyber threat. This means your data is encrypted both in transit and on our servers. Sharing files or communicating any sensitive information is completely encrypted with zero knowledge technology meaning that even Zebu can’t access it. If a cyber criminal gets access to your information on Zebu each message and file is encrypted with a new key. Breaking 1 key would take millions of years, making a compromise both unlikely and has minimal impact on overall security.

This might sound complicated however Zebu is designed with both security and usability in mind. You can access all your files and messages from any browser, desktop, or device without having to pre-register or synchronize devices. Unlike other platforms you can still access conversation history to get to the information you need. Zebu is the only app that has messaging, storage, and calendar all in one; as a result of this your teams can collaborate, share, and schedule with the confidence of privacy and security. Sign up today!

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