How Future AI Will Impact Cybersecurity



It’s no secret to hear about cybersecurity problems in the current world we live in. We have to always be on alert and aware of what we’re doing when we’re online.

Unfortunately, there is always the threat of someone stealing your information, harvesting your data, and using it against you, whether it’s for personal or financial gain.

Over the years, we’ve seen AI used for us and against us in the fight for cybersecurity. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the ways that AI will help white hat security experts combat the threat.

Why is there a cybersecurity problem?

First, let’s take a look at why there is a problem and why we might need to turn to AI. There is a shortage of professionals and a surplus of hackers. By 2021, it’s expected that there will be 3.5 million unfilled positions across the planet. That means 3.5 million new opportunities for hackers to get the information they want.

With the shortage, it’s challenging for teams to manage the threat and respond accordingly.

What AI will do for cybersecurity?

There are many things that AI can do to help with this problem. Artificial intelligence has been used against the cybersecurity forces for a long time, but we've started to see a change in the tide.

Make it easier to respond

New algorithms and machine learning will make it easier to respond to cyber threats. These algorithms are trained to pick up on red flags and certain movements that aren’t typical to the individual.

For example, when someone signs into your email account for a unique location, you’re often required to verify that. Unfortunately, a lot of us leave our phone numbers and other valuable information out in the open, so it makes it easy for hackers to find the data they need to steal your identity and ultimately hack the account.

The goal would be for AI to pick up on these uncalculated motions quickly enough to dissolve the threat before it has time to cause any damage.

Free up time for employees

Possibly one of the most important things that AI can do is free time up for cybersecurity employees to handle more advanced threats. The simplest tasks require the simplest solutions, and AI can manage that while the professionals focus on the things we need to worry about in the future. AI will help cybersecurity teams stay ahead of the game.

Organize threats

A large percentage of cybersecurity professionals say that they don’t have proper systems in place to handle an attack when one arises. There’s also this issue of accuracy and time management.

Machine learning can help cybersecurity experts categorize threats based on the level of danger and then provide an immediate solution through the click of a button. Over time, these machine learning algorithms will adapt, which should eventually lead to the immediate resolution of the threat without the need for human intervention.

When there is a playbook for the AI to follow, they won’t make any mistakes, and that will free up more time for the cybersecurity professional to focus on larger issues such as tracking future attacks and developing technology to prevent them.

The problem with AI

The problem with artificial intelligence is a problem we will always have no matter what. As we learn new ways to tackle these threats, the hackers find new ways to work around it. It’s an endless cycle that doesn’t seem to have a solution.

That said, it starts with optimizing the system we have now, and AI seems to provide the best way to minimize the smaller threats so we can free up time for the larger and more significant issues at hand.

When you combine an overworked cybersecurity force with smarter hackers and more advanced technology, you have a recipe for disaster. It’s time that AI started to take a more mainstream role in protecting our online data.

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