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Header Let’s start off by introducing ourselves. We are Zebu Infrastructure Online, but you can call us Zebu for short. We are a tech startup located in the warmest and fastest growing startup community in Canada. Right here in Waterloo we are developing a platform that will help enhance and optimize businesses around the world.

Welcome to Zebu & our new blog Optimizing the World.

Our mission is to create a complete cloud based business platform for small and medium enterprise. Zebu wants to help equip businesses around the world with the tools of the 21st century. That means instant & secure communication, automated invoicing, project management, accounting, website creation, eCommerce and more. All manageable from a single application, Zebu.

We have been hard at work for over 2 years and now are finally getting ready to take our first step on our journey by releasing Zebu’s communication tool. We will talk some more about that in our next post.

image alt >< We can’t wait to share our stories with all of you. We will tell you about our latest features, Zebu’s development and experiences from our users. We will also share our takes on relevant news happening around the world and pass you some tips on how to get the most from our platform.

So join us in our journey of Optimizing The World!

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Zebu is continuously building up its Cloud platform that intelligently connects all aspects of business in a streamlined modular ERP system.

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